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After our visit to the Rookery Bay we decided to check off Pinchers at Tin City from our itinerary. Gift certificates were provided for us to use at the restaurant. Opinions are my own, of course. Thanks to the Paradise Coast visitor’s bureau for arranging our itinerary.


So this was our first time eating at a Pinchers Restaurant. This particular one is located in Tin City which is made up of multiple buildings filled with shops. So you can enjoy a good meal and do some fun shopping!


Eating at Pinchers restaurant at Tin City, Naples, FL


I had some delicious fish tacos and I think my husband had shrimp scampi. I think the boys had chicken fingers and fries, which is usually what at least one them picks at almost every restaurant we eat at. Some of us shared that yummy chocolate cake, too.


Tin City shopping in Naples , FL


See the Christmas decor? The area was getting ready for Christmas as it was November when we were in town. My husband, the boys and I definitely walked around the shops located inside the buildings. My husband even found a sign that was sold by a company he use to work for here in Ohio! Small world 🙂 .


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