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I recently finished reviewing Potty Train in a Weekend by Becky Mansfield.

While the days of potty training my boys are long gone I remember some of the struggles of those times. If I had read Becky’s book back then I probably would have done some things differently. For sure, I would have HAD to do a number of things differently if I planned to accomplish the training in a three day span!


Becky’s book is an easy read and full of helpful tips. She shares some interesting facts about potty training around the globe and walks the reader through the day to day process of planning and training the child to go potty in a short span of time.  I am using my affiliate links in this post.


Becky’s patient, loving perseverance with her children shines through as she walks the reader step by step through this process. She even covers regression, special needs and devotes a chapter to sharing tips shared by other parents.


This book is available in ebook form and in hard copy and I am using my affiliate links in this post. You can see reviews of her book here also. There is a hard copy of the book here if you don’t want to buy an ebook.


Potty Train in a Weekend

Potty Train In a Weekend


Some items you may want on hand if you plan to potty train in a weekend:

You may want more than one potty-training chair. There are a variety you may want to consider as well as some other supplies I’ll list below.

small potty
travel potty
disinfectant wipes
board books
sippy cup
small toys
big-kid underwear