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Our family has had the privilege of taking many road-trips over the years and one huge long-distance trip to Florida by air due to my blogging lifestyle.

If you travel with kids you know it’s important to be prepared!

Over time I have figured out what works for our family when it comes to being organized, so today I’m sharing my 8 things I pack when we travel with our kids! I am using my affiliate links in this post.

My Packing Tips for Traveling with Kids

#1: Various sizes of Backpacks and Totes

Each of our boys has his own backpack to pack his own fun necessities and not too long ago I updated them with rolling backpacks that I found on sale. We also used the rolling kind as our carry-on luggage on our flight to Florida.

For myself, I use a large tote bag to keep the things I want to have at hand in the front seat with me. Things like my laptop, Bible, reading material, etc..

I also have designated tote bags to carry towels and sandals for waterpark trips and to carry our wet dirty clothes back home in.

For amusement parks like Cedar Point I have a special sling-type carrying tote bag and a variety of fanny-packs to carry the small items because I don’t want to carry a purse.

How I Pack for Traveling with Kids

#2: Zipping plastic bags are awesome!

These are so WONDERFUL! They come in snack size, quart, gallon and even larger!. Here’s a list of items I use them for plus some other ideas.You can find the Ziploc brand here and Hefty (my favorite for price) here.

  • storing cords and chargers
  • cameras
  • storing/protecting a netbook (fit perfectly!) – You could use them for tablets. Great for keeping things dry!
  • paper products and plastic ware
  • snacks (individual portion sizes)
  • store a change of clothes (tip: organize your child’s daily outfits and seal each day in a separate bag labeled for the day to wear)
  • pens/pencils/crayons (keep them from getting lost in the car or hotel room)
  • tissues, toilet paper, toiletries
  • extra socks or misc items

#3: Batteries

We mainly use rechargeable batteries for EVERYTHING that is AA and AAA. I have had such success with them that I rarely EVER buy or use anything other than this brand.

When I take a camera requiring such batteries I am sure to pack my battery charger, too! I feel like I’m really saving money and time by not having to run out often to buy disposable batteries.

#4: Busy Work and Travel Games

Oh, yes. We love paper and writing tools at our house. Notebook or plain printer paper is a must. My youngest even takes paper and pencils with him on short local trips near home. I also have a variety of Mad Libs and puzzle books we can take with us. You can find puzzle books at the Dollar Tree.

8 Things I pack when Traveling with Kids

#5:  Extra pillows and blankets (for the ride). Make sure everyone is comfy, right?! Even if you’re just going to an amusement park within a couple hours from home I think it’s important to make sure the kids are comfy. See my list of 7 Tips for Enjoying Cedar Point with young kids.

#6:  Extra shoes. This is important especially if you’re going to a waterpark, bring your flip flops! See a list of indoor waterparks in Ohio here.

#7:  Headache and fever meds, just in case.

8 Things I Pack when Traveling with My Kids

#8:  My essential oils and diffuser. I use this brand.

What else would you add to this list? What can’t you travel without? Tell me in the comments!






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