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I can’t remember what it was that triggered my desire to put this scripture word study together but I know I put it together to use with my boys. I want them to understand that they need to guard their hearts and thoughts. It’s absolutely necessary. Wrong thoughts lead to wrong actions!

I plan to go through this “guard your heart” KJV Bible study with my boys soon, but I wanted to go ahead and share it with you now.

About this Guard Your Heart Bible Study

In addition to looking up every instance that both words (heart and imagination) show up in the same verses in the Authorized King James Bible (according to I chose to tie in Ephesians 6:10-18 where the Christian’s armor is described.



There’s an activity asking you to draw and label each piece of the armor. You may want to do a little research to find images of fighting armor for that because I don’t include any images. You should be able to find plenty of images online.

I’ve also included some suggested scripture memory in this study.

That’s just a brief summary of this Guard Your Heart KJV Bible Study. You can, of course, do everything or not do everything I’ve included. Just click the link below to download your own copy to use in your own personal, family or group bible studies or classes.

RULES for USE: You may not sell this study. You may share a link to this blog post so your friends and readers can get a copy for themselves. Do not publish or share the pdf link itself, use the blog post link. Thanks for understanding.

Download your free copy here: Word study through scripture_ Heart and Imagination.


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