Off-grid pantry planner

Just tonight, after I sat down to write this post, I realized that I haven’t blogged at all this month. Not once in December! Well, I can’t let that happen.

While I truly have slacked off on the blogging this past year…since March, in fact, I don’t think I’ve skipped a whole month. And, what I wanted to say in this post, anyways, before I realized I almost missed writing this whole month is that I’m planning to pick up the invisible pen and start writing again more frequently. I feel a fresh motivation to blog again with the approaching “new year” and after a nice break away from doing so.

What I was busy doing in 2018

In addition to doing some part-time childcare for another family this year, this past February I became a Thirty-one consultant. It was unplanned as in I didn’t want to become a direct sales consultant (again) period and then “this” was a GREAT idea! Funny how that works out. And it was a fun diversion from my prior status-quo of blogging.

One of many highlights was the success I was having. Very often, and I mean, very often…blogging did not feel like a success. It felt like a drag. So a change was nice and Thirty-one has been the most rewarding (to me) direct sales job I’ve ever held. I know it’s because I love tote bags and organization tools and the ability to personalize these items and, well… it was a great fit for me.

Some of my Thirty-one successes include earning my StartsWell and Wishes Rewards which scored me free product and currently are covering my website and flyer costs. I can get a 40% discount on products all the time as a consultant. I’ve had three ladies sign up under me and I have great customers. The company is awesome towards their consultants, too! I could go on. It’s a fun side job that pays for the totes and other things I’m buying. (I hope I’ve made more than I’ve spent though! 🙂 ).

Anyways, I’ve got important topics I want to write about now, things that are more important than tote bags.

Oh, I will still sell these awesome tote bags, it’s too much fun! But I want to get back to writing again, too. I already have a word for the new year. Do you pick a word?

I’ll tell you mine soon. Right now my husband is waiting for me to get off the computer so we can watch a movie. The kids are on their way to bed and every night, usually, my husband and I watch part of movie and unwind. It’s our thing to do together.

Talk to you soon!