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My husband wanted our boys to experience Hocking Hills State Park in Central Ohio so that became one of the several short trips we took in July.

We live about two hours or so from this place so we made this a one day trip. Because I’m into history and especially ancient Indian artifacts I wanted to stop at Nethers Farm to get some Flint Ridge flint too. More about this in the next post.

Old Mans Cave story Hocking Hills 900

We chose three different trails at Hocking Hills to explore:

Old Man’s Cave

Rock House

Cedar Falls

But I’ll tell you, this was another hot day – like our trip to the Niagara Falls State Park to ride the Maid of the Mist. I think the heat kind of dampened the day for me.

Visiting Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio

It was SO hot that people were playing in the waterfall areas. Swimming and wading in those areas where we were is against the rules or laws – maybe even seriously illegal so don’t do that.

The last time my husband and I had been to Hocking Hills was as singles in our church group in the late 90s. A bunch of us led by our single’s pastor went there and it was fun.

Hiking up and down in the hills is hard work and mores in the heat. Be sure you’re packing enough water and take a first aid kit for skinned knees. My Adventures Backpack you see below was great for a trip like this. It has an inside thermal pocket that zips and a number of pockets inside plus pockets outside.

Adventures Backpack at Hocking Hills

I love Thirty-one’s bags and totes and you can personalize many of them too! I had both my Adventures Backpack and Family Fold Up Organizing bag for first aid personalized as you can see in my images.

My husband and I took turns carrying the backpack which comes in different prints and again, has an inside thermal pouch to keep cold snacks and drinks secured.

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Get more info about all the trails offered at Hocking Hills State Park at their website here.