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There’s this elephant in the room in many Christian homes where the enjoyment of watching movies conflicts with the unwanted sex scenes that accompany so many movies.

These scenes are not only inappropriate to watch…they are inappropriate for people to act out. We know this.

There seems to be no way around it. You either have to nix most movies that aren’t G-rated or become adept to fast-forwarding through the junk scenes.

But, maybe we should be thinking differently about fast forwarding through those inappropriate scenes.

Should Christians be watching sexualized movie content?

Should Christians be watching

Hollywood movies?

I wasn’t sure what I was going to learn when I signed up to go through Cap Stewart’s online course, Personal Purity Isn’t Enough: The Long-Forgotten Secret to Making Scriptural Entertainment Choices.

The course is about Christians watching movies that include some portion of sexual content.

We certainly don’t watch p*o*r*n in our home (and hopefully you don’t either) but, so many movies have inappropriate sexual- toned scenes in them that we find ourselves needing to fast-forward through them.

Cap does a great job at exposing that often the actors and actresses are coerced against their will to shoot sexually explicit scenes (whether or not those scenes show up in the movie) – scenes that goes against their conscience, too.

Cap Stewart's online course challenges Christians to live godly while loving Hollywood actors, actresses like Jesus would.

Cue in stories about pervert Harvey Weinstein and actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Salma Heyak, Ally Sheedy, Keira Knightley and many more who have found themselves pushed to do scenes that they did not want to do and in some cases they had to self medicate with alcohol or something to get through the experience. You’ve probably read some of these stories.

Christian, are we unknowingly participating in the sexual abuse of actors and actresses?

When we buy movie tickets and dvds of such movies we are fueling the cycle that pressures actors and actresses to go against their conscience to act through such trash-scenes. This is truly a hidden danger for people in this line of work.

Sexual purity is more than you think.

Using the Course: Personal

Purity Isn’t Enough

While this course was created for use for teens as young as 15 and then going up, I would caution that that should be made on an individual basis.

My boys are 14 and almost 16 and their movie watching is restricted. I felt like this course was way too adult and would put ideas in their heads that they never considered before.

However, I would certainly recommend this incredibly thought provoking sexual purity and movies course for young adults and older. Small groups like a church college/career singles group or Bible study.

What is the missing link between Christians and watching Hollywood movies?

I would recommend this course for parents with or without adult children who love movies but feel bad about fast forwarding through the bad parts. Soul sucking movies aren’t worth it.

Cap Stewart shares how changing his own movie-viewing standards actually improved his relationship with his wife and so on (jump to lesson 10 to hear his story).

Parents can watch this course and walk away knowing better how to please God, say no to sexually explicit movies and know that you’re loving your neighbor (the actors/actresses) as you’d love yourself.

Sexual purity and movies: Cap Stewart's online course challenges Christians to rethink what it means to watch movies.

Inside Personal Purity Isn’t Enough

You’ll find the lessons include four parts.

  • Introduction (is usually in the video form)
  • Lesson (10 lessons in audio/text form, see above image)
  • Question and Scripture for Discussion (short and with links to scripture to read)
  • Suggested movie to watch (optional and you can check your local library or streaming service)

This course on Christians and sexualized entertainment is organized, very easy to move through and well laid out. I think you’ll be hard pressed to find anything close to what Cap has done so well.

Christian family, small group study and homeschool course on sexual purity and movies.


Go to Personal Purity Isn’t Enough right now and check it out for yourself!

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