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This is a homeschool math curriculum that our boys have been using. If you’re looking for something with a simple, streamlined approach from first grade to high school graduation this may be a good fit for your family.

Awhile back I did receive an additional Learn Math Fast Book to review. Opinions are my own. My affiliate link will be shared as well and using it may keep me caffeinated, thank you.

For the past couple years or so we’ve been using the Learn Math Fast Books system which covers 2+3 all the way through high school geometry and Algebra 2 in order.

It’s a seven volume set that ideally all students will begin with Volume I and work through in order. However, you can take a placement test found here to see if your child can skip a book or two.

My boys will be in 9th and 11th grade this coming year and have both finished through Volume V. The younger son started LMF before I switched the older son to it.

Learn Math Fast Books sponsored review and Youtube video.

Printable Worksheet Options

I really like that I can print off extra math pages from the books to use as review and they have supplemental pages as well. You can find these links under their “Existing Customers” tab on the website!

Because there are only two more volumes to go and my younger son needed review, I printed pages from some of the past volumes and had him review those for eighth grade while my tenth grader finished the book for the first time.

As for the math in the last two volumes, I am making those optional for my boys at this time. Volume V was really challenging and because neither wants to go to college I don’t think they need beyond Algebra I. I may just print off more review pages from the past volumes for them to work through over the next couple years.

I was asked if I could a flip through of the Algebra I book so I obliged and you can find a brief inside peek at my Youtube Channel here.

Learn Math Fast Books EXTRAS

You can find LMF books on Amazon as well as at their own website, but the Geometry Kit, Big Big Bookmark, and Smart Cards are only at the LMF website. We haven’t used any of those extras but it might have been helpful if I had bought them. I just never really looked into them too much.

The Learn Math Fast website has some freebies and customers can get a special log in code to access the printable book pages.

Here’s my first review of an earlier volume of Learn Math Fast.

This was a review of the Learn Math Fast Books system. Thanks for visiting.