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Did you know how healthy and delicious cilantro can be? I know its got a strong, bitter taste, but it really makes spaghetti sauce good! I like to use it in my sauce. The other day I found it for .78 cents a bunch so I bought three that I prepped today for the freezer.


how to prepare and freeze cilantro


Since a friend asked me how I prepped it for the freezer I thought I’d do a post on it. It’s really easy. I’m no expert and this is just what I did.


#1. –   After cutting off the stems that didn’t have many leaves on them, I washed them in plain water and allowed them to drain/dry awhile.


#2. –  Then I separated them into small bunches, put them into quart size  Ziploc bags
and  flattened the bags while pushing the air out.


#3. –  I want them to freeze pretty flat so I can stack them side by side or a top each other.  Once they freeze I can store them in this ice cream container I saved.


Tip! Save those empty plastic ice cream containers. They are so useful. I’ve used them to store/freeze Christmas cookies and candy and even to stretch my roasts.  I’m using one to store a large salad in right now.


After freezing, I plan to just break off whatever I need while cooking and replace the bag back into the freezer. I may not need as much as I’ve put into each bag. And that’s it – easy peasy!  




Cilantro Resources from Amazon (click image to access product info)

Cilantro: A Book of Recipes


Grow your own Cilantro with this Starter Kit:


Pineapple Cilantro Vinaigrette




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