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Did you know how healthy and delicious cilantro can be? I know its got a strong, bitter taste, but it really makes spaghetti sauce good! I like to use it in my sauce.

The other day I found it for .78 cents a bunch so I bought three that I prepped today for the freezer.

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How to prepare and freeze cilantro

Since a friend asked me how I prepped cilantro for the freezer I thought I’d do a post on it. It’s really easy. I’m no expert and this is just what I did.

How I Freeze Cilantro

#1. –   After cutting off the stems that didn’t have many leaves on them, I washed them in plain water and allowed them to drain/dry awhile.

#2. –  Then I separated them into small bunches, put them into quart size baggies
and flattened the bags while pushing the air out.

#3. –  I want them to freeze pretty flat so I can stack them side by side or a top each other.  Once they freeze I can store them in this ice cream container I saved.

Tip! Save those empty plastic ice cream containers. They are so useful. I’ve used them to store and freeze Christmas cookies and candy and even to stretch my roasts.  I’m using one to store a large salad in right now.

After freezing the cilantro I plan to break off whatever I need while cooking and place the bag back into the freezer. I may not need as much as I’ve put into each bag. And that’s it – easy peasy!  

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