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So you want to be a  work at home mom by Jill Hart & Diana Ennen


I mentioned in a previous post {click here}that I’ve tried numerous things to earn money from home. Well, I want to share a little or a lot of what I’ve learned with each one of those things. This is my “work-at-home journey” 😉  For some of my mom-friends who want to stay at home too I hope this series will help you find something you can do to help you reach your goal. Maybe it will just get you brainstorming your possibilities 😉


Before the kids came…

I went from working as a Rental Control Coordinator for a national car rental company and an insurance claims company to staying home and selling Pampered Chef. I was preparing to earn money from home before I actually had children.  I got pregnant with my firstborn about 6 months after I started PC. I stopped selling PC maybe 3 mos. or so after getting pregnant. I was so SICK (nauseated). I remember trying to do a show with food and feeling so bad, it was like torture. Nothing like morning-sickness to ruin a job in the food industry ;).


Then, because I have a Bachelor’s Degree I was able to do substitute teaching locally. This paid well-enough and kept me busy but towards the third trimester I had to stop because my blood pressure was going up and soon I had preeclampsia and eventually had to have Brendan about 6 wks early. But subbing can be a good “filler” when you’re in between jobs. I did it years prior when I was in that exact predicament before marriage.


If you have a four-year degree (even if its not in teaching) and you think you’d like to be a substitute teacher you should check with your local board of education and don’t forget about other school jurisdictions that are within a close driving distance for you.  I’ve worked for two different school districts and found the city district seemed to have more work and I think was always hiring subs.


{Side note: From my experience, and I subbed just about anything and everything between preschool and high school, special ed and arts-related- it seems that the lower elementary grades worked me harder, I actually had to teach *gasp! hehe. Middle school was possibly the worst for me when it came to dealing with the kids at that age…and high school might have been the easiest.- Just something to think about!}


So after having to quit the subbing, we moved onto more entrepreneurial types of things… I’ll begin to share in part two!

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