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For as long as Joel and I have been married we have never paid for anything but “Basic Lifeline” tv cable through Time Warner. It was very limited, but also very cheap! I’m talking like $12 a month cheap. And that was about 8.5 years ago.


Over the years the price has gone up and the channels have gone down. For awhile, for some reason, we were only getting channels 2-13 and our cable tv went up AGAIN: with tax, $20 and change. I guess we’re suppose to get up to channel 17 or 18 but I don’t care at this point.   We just won’t pay $20 to get so few channels and then even less of those we had did we we actually use regularly. The kids may miss PBS Kids,  Joel might miss basketball during March Madness, and  I will probably miss the news. Especially the next time tornado season rolls around. When the weather around here is threatening I become weather-obsessed. Must. watch. the. tornado. box. on. radar to. see. if. its. going. to. come. our. way. – kind of thing.


I called Time Warner last week and was told there are no better deals to be offered me so for the first time in our married life we cut the cable. We will save cut out  that  $20+ a month for tv (a savings of around $250 for this coming year). Which actually puts us back to about the same amount we were paying for the past year to have tv plus our phone and internet.


Last year Time Warner gave us a huge promo when I called to look into cutting the cable. That deal made me want to keep it on and make some other changes amounting to saving about $400 this past year. If you want to see what deal they gave us you can read it here at this post. By the way, I have no issues with Time Warner’s service. They’ve been just peachy and I’d like to keep all my services with them. But, you know… money is an issue these days and tv is a luxury.

Its not a big deal to go without.


Cutting the cable is of little inconvenience for us because my husband is a big fan of using the library’s free resources. We never pay to rent a movie. He just puts it on “hold” until we can get it at the library. We get books, videos, and music from our local libraries. So – we don’t pay for music or dvds except on rare occasions.


I know there are alternatives to having cable tv.  But you know, we’ve gone about a day in a half now without and its actually been really nice! It really has been.


The tv is too easily turned on and left on for background noise. And why do I have to watch the news on tv? {I follow Fox 8, CBS and ABC on Facebook already}.


No more temptation. Time Warner took care of that when they upped the price.  Again.


I suspect a year from now I will be writing another post about how our increase in either phone/or internet went up and either A.) how we got a NEW deal from Time Warner or  B.) why I decided to leave Time Warner and what company I switched to.


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