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Not Back to School Blog HopUPDATE: After you read my post here, see this post where I updated our room shortly after I did this post!

This week may be my favorite week of the blog hop- looking at other family’s rooms! Don’t you love seeing how other people are doing things?

I keep most of my homeschooling supplies in one room. One narrow room.   And so, we will do most of our learning at places like the dining room table or in the living room because the “homeschool” room is too small. I’d love to have more room to organize efficiently… I’m really limited and I feel it- and boy did I feel it tonight as I was preparing this post!

I tried three times to do a video/vlog tour of it and couldn’t get it to upload to YouTube. Then I set out to take pictures. Problem was, there are things in this room that are not staying so I had to keep moving them around to get “new” pics. [Talk about a pain in the neck!]

Then I realized this post was really – not going to be such a good post with the kind of pics I was getting.  Did I mention the light bulb blew out when I turned on the lamp on?  It was like either I wasn’t meant to do this post or I was meant to work extra hard to make it successful.

At any rate, I’ve decided that I’ll focus on the shelving area. [And to be honest, the room isn’t done. I still have much to finish up as far as finding proper places for things, organizing, etc..] So here goes.

This is a large rack/shelf, bought from Walmart, I believe, (its been awhile). And as you see in picture one, its loaded with miscellaneous items. I use it to hold more than just school supplies and it makes for one busy wall [the room is rather narrow].

To “de-clutter” this area (picture two), I simply took an old fabric shower curtain and made some bigger holes in it to fit over the top of the poles of the shelving unit and looky there! Its like a custom-made cover!

organizing your homeschool room

And maybe when I have the room completed I’ll share more of it with you here.  I really want to see more of the other gals’ rooms but, alas, it is 11:45pm and I need to head to bed.  I’ll be thankful to be done with this post finally 😉  .

Remember to click here to see my  UPDATED room pictures!