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All of us old enough to remember probably can share where we were and what we were doing on that fateful day September 11, 2001.


I was a  Rental Control Coordinator for a car rental company contracted with an insurance claims company. My office-cubicle was inside the insurance claims building.


After becoming aware of what was happening in our country,  I’d go between joining other employees in front of the break room TV watching the updates and then back  to my cubicle to work. I don’t remember how much work I got down that day.


I remember hearing that one of the planes, must have been Flight 93 I think, had turned around in the air above Ohio. Maybe even above us in Green. I’m not sure if I ever heard if that was correct or not. If so, we were that close to those who’d draw their last breath on that plane.


Finally around 2pm or so they sent us home, early.


In memory of 911

Here’s a video I came across that I wanted to share here. Its an emotionally moving video and shows much footage of that day.



How prepared are we?


I came across this Preparedness Challenge blog hop. I also have an Emergency Preparedness board on Pinterest.


In light of the recent earthquakes in Colorado, Virginia and near Alaska it would do us all well to consider how we might protect our families if something long-term disrupted our utilities and effected our survival.  Last I saw there were about 20 bloggers sharing posts related to such things. I admit, I’m not very prepared at all for such disasters but I will be giving some thought as to what I could do to help protect my family. How about you?


“Commit thy way unto the LORD; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass”. Psalm 37:5

*We may be limited in what ways we can protect ourselves someday due to terrorist-acts, such as 911, or major earthquakes and other natural disasters; however you can protect your soul right now for eternity by choosing to put your trust and faith in Jesus Christ’s payment for your sins when he died on the cross.


Take the Good Test here to see why it is you need Christ. Then, no matter what happens to you physically, you’ll be safe for eternity.


Let me clear though, its not about religion, its not about doing good works, and its not about saying a prayer as if its magic. Its about a relationship with Christ based on the truth of God’s word and Christ’s finished work on the cross!


Even if you’d never leave your “religion”,  please just walk through the Good Test and see how you come out.