Off-grid pantry planner


Simple Sugar Scrub:

  • Pure Cane Demerara Sugar (I get it at Walmart- its the big chunky brown sugar).
  • A light oil- I had “extra light olive oil” but I think Almond Oil would be good too.

I’m not sure of the exact portions to tell you to use because I was tweaking this from one of Shoshanna’s Youtube videos. I felt I had too much oil so I added more sugar, even some granulated white sugar. I don’t have any Essential Oils so I thought I’d throw in some cheap Vanilla flavoring 😉 . Hey, why not. Its just for me.

The end result:  Very pretty but rough due to the size of the sugar, should slough off dead skin- left my skin feeling good and moisturized! Would make a nice gift in a pretty jar too. I store mine in the fridge.


Shoshanna’s Strawberry Cleanser

This is my second batch of this stuff. Its wonderful and my skin looked so good after using it. Shoshanna says it acts as an astringent I think, pulling out the impurities in your skin. Here’s the recipe- put these 3 ingredients into a small blender. I use my Rocket (similar to the Bullet).

  • approximately 6 rip strawberries WITH their hulls/green leafy tops too
  • 2 tablespoons of Witchhazel (I buy mine at Walmart in the pharmacy section.)
  • 1 tablespoon of light oil. Since I have extra light Olive Oil thats what I used.

Blend away, store in air-tight container in fridge.

End result:  My skin? Wow! Wonderful! You have to try it.


I really enjoy Shoshanna’s videos and she is a wealth of information.