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The other day I taught my boys the layers of the Earth by having them make these edible Earth layers. I got the idea from watching another YouTuber’s video (video not available) of her kids making them.

I had my husband video me and the boys making ours. This is really a tasty project too. 🙂  Below the video you’ll find a couple links to use while teaching on the subject of the Earth’s layers as well as the directions for the edible Earth.

How to make the edible Earth layers:

      • Make a pan of Rice Krispy Treats (they come Gluten Free too) or buy the already made. I made my own with a few marshmallows and a little butter in the microwave, add the Rice Krispy’s.  <—- this will be your Mantle.
      • Regular sized marshmallows <—- will be your Outer Core.
      • Raisins, M&M’s or something else small  <—- will be your Inner Core.
      •  Smucker’s Magic Shell Topping <—- will be your Earth’s Crust.

After you coat your edible Earth layers in the Magic Shell sauce stick it in the freezer (put a piece of wax paper under it) for maybe 10 minutes till the shell/crust hardens. Then slice your edible Earth in half and look at the layers. Eat and Enjoy!

Online teaching aids:

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