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*The video of some of my homeschooling binders will show at the very end of this post!



As I mentioned in my introduction post I get asked about homeschooling from time to time; and because  I homeschool eclectically I thought it would be a good idea to just share how I’m doing it this year in this series.

Today I’m going to show you how I organize our “homeschool”. We have a pretty small house and thanks to the lightning strike or surge our house took back in July we moved our dinosaur Dell “family” computer to another room since its internet capability was ruined (though the computer itself still works). This freed up a desk in the room where I keep most of our homeschool items. You can see how I organized our “homeschool room” last year in this video.  This year I’ve moved some items out into different parts of the house.

Here’s what’s new this year!



The “freed up desk”

Because the old Dell got moved I was able to move my desktop to the other desk. Now I use this freed up desk to help keep me organized. This is where I keep file folders of timelines, math worksheets and other projects I’ve printed off.

I also have a homeschooling notebook (see video at end of this post) where I keep lists and other things. Along with using this desk as a bookshelf and file folder organizer I keep the boys’ bug boxes on here and still have enough room to keep my homeschooling  notebook open during the day so I can journal what we’ve worked on for the day.



The art table:

Until we get the lightning damaged mirror wall replaced I’m still using it to hold up my schedule, map and other school things. This is our small dining room and where I now have an art table with some other misc school supplies. Under the table I have plastic drawers with art supplies.


How we homeschool at our house - part 1.


Our homeschool hub:

New for us this year is this nine unit shelf from Target and I’ve turned it into my curriculum hub. I pull from our “homeschool room” the books and items I want to use to teach from for this school year and use this shelf to organize them. This shelf is in our living room.

When the boys are done with worksheets they put them in the white baskets (each boy has his own) on the top of the shelf.


Part 2:  Our Eclectic-style Curriculum Our First Semester Goals

That way when I share what I’m teaching and how we are learning it may make more sense.

In the next post I’ll break down my curriculum choices and activities shelf by shelf (that nine unit Target shelf) share the Goals I have set for the boys for this first semester. They are in First and Third Grade.  Make sure you don’t miss the following posts. Subscribe below to get them delivered to your email inbox. You can also follow and chat with me on Facebook!


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