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Being frugal is just a part of life for our family and I know it is for many others. Sometimes I have to keep myself in check about the whole idea of  hanging onto stuff to reuse – especially cute glass jars with lids that just scream “keep me and fix me up and I’ll be cute and you’ll put cool stuff in me”!

However, I have found a good excuse to keep my ice cream buckets.

How to Stretch a Roast

I want to share a quick way to stretch a roast and some tips for freezing it. Purchases made through my affiliate links below may earn me a few cents that support this blog at no cost to you.

How to Stretch that Roast - frugal freezer cooking

When you find a good deal on a roast make it go farther by dividing it into (#1) two halves to freeze for a future crock pot meal. But don’t just throw it in a bag and into the freezer, marinade it. That’s what I did. I had bought bottles of various sauces and you will see what I used (#2). In at least one of those marinades I threw in some pineapple I had as well.

Find plastic storage containers here and here.

I put each roast and marinade into separate gallon or quart size freezer bags  and then put all four roasts into an empty plastic ice cream bucket (#3). I love that those ice cream buckets are so reusable!

They’re very handy. I’ve used them to carry Legos in for my son and to store freshly made chocolate chip pancakes in the fridge.

(#4) I placed a piece of wax paper between bags of meat to keep them from freezing together. I got all 4 bags of meat into the ice cream bucket (#5) and put the whole thing into the freezer. And now you have a new excuse to go buy big buckets of ice cream!

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