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It’s late Saturday night and just a short time ago we rolled in the door from a long day to Columbus and back. We visited the new Cosi exhibit: Mind Benders & Amazing Mazes (watch for a special ticket giveaway here soon).


Tomorrow is Sunday, a day of rest for many – if you’re fortunate enough to have the day off from work. For others, it’s another day of clocking in and clocking out. Regardless, before I hit the sack I wanted to just say a little something about a topic that effects us all – or will one day. Eternity.


Some day the hustle and bustle and working to get “somewhere” will come to an end whether we’re ready or not. Are you ready for that day?  See: 10 important things before you die.


I use to worry myself sick that I wasn’t. Did I believe the right stuff? Did I really have faith? What WAS faith? Clearly I had issues. I didn’t trust myself.


That was a long time ago and I’ve come a long way because I learned to trust and obey God’s Word… to trust in Jesus. And you know what I learned?


Everything did not clear up right away, fear had to be worked out AS I walked in truth regardless of how I felt. Things became more clear and the fears would disappear the further I walked that walk of faith taking God at his Word. And I had joy and peace 🙂 .  This is my desire for you.


But you need to know, you need to believe. There is only one way. There is only one person who can save.


John 14:6 Jesus is the only way to God.


More about Jesus.



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