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I recently decided it was a good idea to get some plastic storage containers for our dry goods, but paying retail for “new” just isn’t something I can afford to do right now.  Instead, I decided to visit our local Salvation Army for their weekly Family Day sale.


Every Wednesday almost everything in the store is half-off. This store is located on Whipple near Belden Village in North Canton.





I was happy to find nine good storage container of various sizes and several good brand names like Rubbermaid and Tupperware.





I did decide to buy one Walmart brand cereal container at retail price and you’ll see the comparison in the picture above.  Nine containers (including brand names) for about $7.00 compared to one off-brand container, new, for about $4.00.  As much as I like Walmart, I haven’t been happy with some of the containers I’ve purchased in the past. This cereal container seems to be a good one though.




So here’s how I decided to put them to use.  In the picture above I’m also using a few containers that I already owned, including one ice cream container. I love being able to reuse those ice cream containers – they even have their own handles! You can see a couple other ways I use them here and here.




The cereal cupboard.


Wow. What an improvement!  And in true “Tracy” fashion, I didn’t take a before picture, but trust me, this is an improvement.


Next up…




These containers are storing different kinds of pasta, mostly.  The crackers fit perfectly into the tall Rubbermaid container and Marshmallow stars up front.





These containers I’ve owned for some time. They are both tall and fit almost snuggly in one of my other cupboards without their lids. I’ve been storing my opened flour and sugar bags in one and I just decided to store my beans, rice and the like in the other.


I don’t consider my project finished yet. I may make another trip to the Salvation Army to hunt for some more. The prices for Tupperware can’t be beat, that I know of. I priced used Tupperware at the Hartville Flea Market this past Saturday and pieces I bought for under $1.00 at the Salvation Army were maybe $7 or $8 at the Flea Market.


Speaking of the Hartville Flea Market, there was a lot of Tupperware to choose from. I saw things that took me back to my childhood… pudding cups for one 😉 .  You can see my Hartville pictures here on my Facebook Page, I have more to come!


tupperware at the Hartville Flea Market, Ohio




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