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I know the idea of working from home can be a big topic for women, especially stay-at-home moms. It’s not always easy to find a legit work at home business that you can make substantial income from while balancing the needs of a home and family.

I’ve been working from home since about 2003 and mostly part-time and with a fluctuation in what kind of work that entailed. You can read more about my work at home experience journey here.

Ways to earn money from home.

Working from home is a subject I’ve dealt with on my blog quite a bit over the years. I’ve shared my experience in a number of posts and I’ve shared even more, I think, from other women trying to do the same thing!

Below I’ve linked to many posts I hope you’ll find helpful in considering important questions about working from home. You’ll find the 16 interviews I did with work at home women sharing, at the time, what type of work at home business they were involved in. You may get some new ideas or inspiration from them. You’ll find tips and encouragement, too.

Tips for Working from Home

Time Management & Schedules

4 Must-do Steps to Starting a Home-based Business

Balancing Work & Family

Tips for how I’ve tried to balance Homeschooling & Working from Home

Cutting Costs at Home

So You Want Be A Work at Home Mom? (book info)

Work at Home Ideas & Interviews

Feature 1:  Paper
Feature 2:  Scentsy
Feature 3:  My Become
Feature 4:  Snooty Booty
Feature 5:  Resourceful
Feature 6:  Marie
Feature 7:  PartyLite
Feature 8:  A Retired Teacher
Feature 9:  Beachbody
Feature 10:  Meltology
Feature 11:  Monkey Business
Feature 12:  BlueChip 360
Feature 13:  Discovery Toys
Feature 14:  Ameriplan
Feature 15:  Kid’s Personalized Music
Feature 16:  L’Bri

Why I became a Work at home mom/blogger (vlog)

6 Steps to Starting your own Laundry Business from Home