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I love the fall season! I love the cool air, the pretty leaves, wearing cute boots and jeans. I like hoodies and sweat pants…(big) *SIGH (and a smile).


With the following crafty leaf projects you can keep a little of that fall atmosphere up all year long. Now take the kids outside for a walk around the block and find the bestest, prettiest, and oddest leaves and get to work with the ideas below!

Create Perspective Art with Fall Leaves


8 Fall Leaf Craft Projects to Make with Your Kids!

My son used his imagination and made this sort of “perspective art” picture where we get a close up of the leaves high up in the atmosphere falling to the ground below. I like this! Of course, some of the leaves are having a great time, see their faces? Just use a Sharpie!

Below is another fun way to put nature to work in art! My son used those “helicopter” seeds to make turkey tails. How creative and fun!


8 Fall Leaf Craft Projects to Make with Your Kids!


More fall leaf projects below! Scroll down…


8 Fall Leaf Craft Projects to Make with Your Kids!


Fall Leaf Suncatcher Window Covers

The kids and I made suncatcher panels one year and I love that they double as window covers! They let in the light and give us some extra privacy at the same time. The directions are so simple, see below the picture. I’m using my affiliate links below at no cost to you.


8 Fall Leaf Craft Projects to Make with Your Kids!


You need wax paper, a towel, an iron, newspaper and your leaves (or whatever you want to use to decorate your panels).

  • Firstly, fold a towel and lay that on your table or work space and lay a piece of newspaper on top of your towel.
  • Secondly, “sandwich” your leaves between two sheets of wax paper (waxy side facing inward toward the leaves)
  • Thirdly, lay your wax and leaf project on the newspaper on the towel and place another piece of newspaper on top so your iron won’t touch the wax paper.
  • Lastly, iron your project (which is between the newspaper sheets) to seal the wax sheets around your leaves.

When it cools you can use a hole punch the sheet and hang it on a hook or tie string through the hole to hang on the wall. We used tape to affix our panels to the windows below. But, I did use suction cups with hooks to hang our pictures on other windows.


Fall Leaf Suncatcher Flag Banner

The boys and I made this rustic fall leaf suncatcher flag banner one year. I really like this project and I’m sorry I don’t have a better picture. We made this years ago! I share a video of making this project at this link.


8 Fall Leaf Craft Projects to Make with Your Kids!

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