Off-grid pantry planner

As you may know,  Border’s bookstores are shutting down. We recently found this floor display umbrella stand fixture for sale for $25. It was one of the least expensive things like that that I thought I could use to help me organize my homeschool stuff. My husband wasn’t so sure but he let me buy it. I’d say it fits great in the space I have (which isn’t much!).

Using unique and odd things to organize my homeschool room.We bought this at Border's going out of business store fixture sale.

Its an odd and unique at the same time. It has thin places where I can slide in a stack of paper and the side hooks are adjustable. I hang and stack small and big things on it. Pretty nifty, huh?! Have you given anything used or old a new purpose (more tips)?

See the post I did shortly before this one sharing my tip for that covered rack you see in my room.

By the way, the Lego container is holding coloring books. Can we say “re-pur-pose” 🙂 !

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