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top 13 posts of 2013


Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning ahead for the new year – most of which is in regards to our boys home education and spiritual/character development. This means new chart system, goals, and adding a new 3 ring binder to help keep me organized. I hope to share more about that during the first full week of the new year!


In honor of today being the very last day ever for 2013 I thought I’d share my top 13 posts from 2013 from my blog for the year. I am not including any giveaway posts in this countdown.


Top 13 Countdown


#13.   How to Relieve Skin Burns from Chili Peppers and Hot Objects


#12.   Another 1784 Colonial Day Molasses Cookies


#11.   Free Kindle books for Kids’ Summer Reading


#10.   Flaky, delicious Cinnamon Rolls (adapted from a Starbucks recipe)


#9.   How to Buy the Best Zoo or Museum Membership Plan


#8.  How I reorganized my small homeschool room (before/after pics & video)


#7.   Free Kindle books on Prepping/Survival


#6.   Rolling Ridge Ranch in Millersburg, OH


#5.   Easy homemade Elephant Ears


#4.   Free Printable Forms for Organization


#3.   Edible Earth Layers


#2.   Free Printable Maps, Timelines for World History


#1.    6 Steps to Starting Your Own Laundry Business from Home


To those of you who have followed my blog during 2013 and before I thank you! I hope you will continue on with me in 2014.  In the next few days or so I plan to share my new plans for our homeschooling and family life for 2014!


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Happy New Year 🙂