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Another year is gone, in the books, never to be recaptured. Twenty-fifteen is gone. Was it better than 2014? Will this year be better than last? I plan to make 2016 better than 2015, how about you?


Monday I shared these areas of my life I’m working on to improve this year. What areas are you going to put some intentional effort into this year?


I decided to do a year-end round up of our top 10 posts from 2015 and found that some of our most popular posts are posts from previous years that people keep coming back to. It’s fun for me to see the old posts when they include pictures of our boys. They change so much over the years – they really do grow up fast!


Here’s a look down memory lane for 2015 and even further back as I’ll share a couple links to some of my older year-end top post round-ups!  I do have an affiliate link in this post.


Our Top 10 posts for 2015

Our Top 10 Posts from 2015

10.    How to buy the best combined zoo and museum membership.

9.     Feed the wildlife in your yard with this easy toilet paper roll bird/squirrel feeder.


Make this easy squirrel /bird feeder with your kids.


8.    How to make your own laminated homeschool planner.

7.    This delicious Colonial American Molasses Cookie Recipe from 1784.


Making Dinner Easy with Sam's Club #ad


6.     How to make your own COOL dry erase laminated workbooks.

5.     Free printable maps, timelines and world history aids.



4.    Why beta fish make good pets for kids.

3.    Teach your kids Earth Science with this yummy Edible Earth Layers project.


How to start your own laundry business from home.


2.     6 Steps to starting your own laundry service from home.

1.     Easy Dinner idea: Sam’s Club Family Pizza Combo and a Free menu planning page.


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