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Good-bye 2016, hello 2017.

Was 2016 good to you? I hope it was a good year for you. It was a good one for me.

I consider it a good year because I tried some new things and grew as a result – and so did my business. As a result, I decided to file for an LLC to cover my blogging/social media work. Some of the other changes 2016 brought me both personally and professionally include:

  • Nailing down a specific time schedule for posting to my Ohio events Facebook Page
  • Increasing my affiliate income
  • Experimenting with Facebook Ads/ Boosting Posts more
  • Homeschooling without “co-ops” (first time in three years)
  • A unique experience for my family and I to fly to Florida on a sponsored trip
  • We joined the Ymca

Looking at my stats over the past years and seeing growth is both encouraging and eye opening. Now it’s time to share the top 10 posts from Hall of Fame Moms for 2016.


My Top 10 Posts for 2016

I’m starting with the post that received the most views and working my way down. It’s amusing to see posts from several different years still making my top 10. Click the links or the images below to read any of the following top 10 posts.

And, hey, I want to thank you for taking time to read my blog – whether you’re a regular reader or just stopping by real quick. I hope you’ll stick around! I’ve been blogging here since 2008 and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. If you’d like to be sure you get my posts as new ones come out just subscribe here. I’d love to have you.


Homeschooling Earth Science: Making Edible Earth Layers

Homeschooling Earth Science - Make Edible Earth Layers


6 Steps to Starting Your Own Laundry Business from Home

6 Steps to Starting Your Own Laundry Business from Home


Why Beta Fish make Good Gifts for Kids


Another 1784 Colonial American Cookie Recipe

Molasses Cookie Recipe from 1784 Colonial American Era


Make a Toilet Paper Tube Bird Feeder (with or without Peanut Butter)

Toilet Paper Tube Birdfeeder


Homeschooling Geography: Free Printable Maps, Timelines and World History Teaching Aids

Free Printable Maps, Timelines, and more.


How to Buy the Best Zoo or Science Museum Membership Plan

How to Buy a Zoo or Museum Membership Plan


Easter Basket Fillers (that aren’t candy)

34 Easter Basket Fillers that Aren't Candy


Our Visit to Trammel Fossil Park in Cincinnati

Dig your own Fossils for FREE at Trammel Fossil Park in Cincinnati


Ohio Zoo Memberships – Best Plan/ Best Price

If you’d like to be sure you get my posts as new ones come out just subscribe here.

Happy New Year!

PS – You can see what the top 10 posts were from years past here.



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