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Another first for our family was visiting the Naples Zoo in Naples, Florida. Of course, everything we did in Florida was a “first” for our boys and myself as we had never been to Florida before. My husband had been to Florida a couple times years before we were married.


The Paradise Coast had provided us with tickets to the Naples Zoo and so we made a point to visit it. Opinions are my own, of course. I’ll provide a link to both places at the end of this post.


Visiting the Naples Zoo in Florida


Florida is SO different from Ohio – no kidding, right? If you’re headed down to Naples from Yankee territory I really recommend a trip to the zoo, if you have not spent much time in the southern part of the USA. We saw animals we weren’t familiar with and the sounds of the Gibbons was really amazing! I don’t have a great picture of them but I will upload the short video to my Instagram account to share with you.


If you’ve never heard them, you have to listen to my Instagram video here! They sound so eery. It’s actually really cool.


Strange trees at the Naples Zoo, Florida


We saw weird trees and found bananas growing!


Bananas growing at Naples Zoo, Florida


We bought food and fed these white birds below (I think they may have been some type of osprey maybe). We saw a huge python as well.


More Info

You can get more information about the Naples Zoo at their website here. If you own a zoo membership that is part of the reciprocal program be sure to ask if you get free or discounted admission! Follow Naples Zoo on Facebook here.


You can visit The Paradise Coast travel bureau servicing Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades at their website here and follow them on Facebook at this link.


Don’t forget to go to my Instagram link here to hear the gibbons (and feel free to follow me there)!


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