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As I mentioned in part one about our recent Florida trip, our neighbors hooked us up with this great opportunity to take a family vacation to the east coast of Florida, Hutchinson Island, in fact. This was our first time as a family to the east side of the state. Today I’ll show you our digs for the week and some of the many Thirty-one totes and bags I used to pack us up.

We were blessed with a balcony that overlooked the ocean so as you can imagine, if were willing to get up early enough, we could catch a  beautiful sunrise. On the opposite side of our condo, where our entrance door was from the parking lot we could catch the gorgeous sunsets as shown in the picture below. I saw a quite a bit of lightening too. I’m guessing it was heat lightening.

Beautiful sunset inland at the Turtle Reef Club in Jensen Beach, FL

The weather was amazing but hot and muggy. One day the real feel was 104 degrees. Seems like we carried water with us pretty much everywhere we went. This trip gave me a perfect opportunity to try out so many of my Thirty-one bags.

I haven’t talked about it much but this past February I joined Thirty-one as a consultant. I just love totes in general and really liked what I was seeing and the personalization options from Thirty-one so I figured it could be fun to sell them. As you can imagine I was stocked for traveling. This Florida trip gave me the perfect opportunity to try out many of the bags I now owned. The image below shows just some of the bags I took on this trip!

I love using my Thirty-one totes and bags. See what I packed with.

In this picture: Large Utility Tote, Essential Storage Totes (share and campers) carried our road trip snacks, Fresh Market Thermal carried our frozen water and other foods needing to stay cold and the Large Utility Tote in the Floral Fiesta print has our small appliances. Join my group for more info on my bags: Tracy’s Tote-ally Sweet Hangout. You can also purchase through my consultant link here.

Turtle Reef Club, Jensen Beach, Florida

And, because I don’t know when we’ll get to the beach again you better believe I was recording some videos of the sights and sounds. Now when I need to hear the ocean it’s as close as my Youtube channel (I’ll put the link at the end of the post).

For anyone not aware, we are a homeschooling family so traveling after school has started for everyone else is a great option for us. While we didn’t take school books for the boys to work on they sure got an education in other things – and of course, they took their electronics.

I’m so thankful for air-conditioning. Did I tell you it was HOT?

Homeschoolers take vacation while other kids are in school.

We explored beach and after beach this week and visited one or two more than once. I’ll tell you which one was one of my favorites in a later post. Two of my favorite bags to take on our beach explorations were the sling-back bag and the new sling-back thermal.

My husband carried the thermal most of the time as I used the other as my purse. I absolutely LOVED how these bags left us hands-free. We carried all the water our family of four needed and I was able to easily carry my “purse” with me.

A homeschooling family's vacation to the SE coast of Florida.

You can see me wearing the sling-back bag and carrying a mesh caddy (can’t remember the name but it’s not available now). My husband is wearing the sling-back thermal to carry our water in the bottom image. That product is new this year from Thirty-one.

Walking on the beach on the east coast of Florida.

I’ve got more to tell you including the three museums we visited, our walk around Stuart, the shark on the beach and something about the treasure coast. To see some of our beach videos or just to hear the roar of the waves visit my Youtube channel here.

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