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It can be pretty interesting to see what a blog’s most viewed posts are and it can reveal something about that blog and it’s readers. Our most popular posts serve families in Ohio and beyond.

The family unit is the center of my writing and that family unit permeates every area of life from a parent’s need to find work to provide for a home and family to the raising of the children into responsible adults themselves…and everything in between!

I have found that several of my most popular posts continue to be popular year after year!

As of mid-October 2017 the following are my top viewed posts for this year. I hope you find something you enjoy reading below, thanks for taking the time.

HOFM’s Most Popular Posts 

1. 6 Steps to Starting a Laundry Business from Home

2. Why Beta Fish make Good Pets for Kids

3. Tasty Homeschooling Project: Making Edible Earth Layers

4. Making Molasses Cookies from a 1784 Colonial American Recipe

5. Toilet Paper Bird / Squirrel Feeder Craft for Kids with Peanut Allergies

6. Finding the Best Zoo and Museum Membership (out dated). Read this post instead.

7. World History Study Aids: Printable Maps & Timelines

8. Non-Candy Easter Basket Filler Ideas

9. Tips for Visiting Cedar Point with Young Children

10. Homeschooling Simple Machines with Legos