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Now that the house is mostly quiet, (because almost everyone is in bed) I can spend some time catching up on sharing our Florida trip with you!

I mentioned in part one that we flew Spirit Airlines to Fort Myers, Florida where we picked up our rental car (part two) and drove to Marco Island. This will be part three where I get to show and tell you about the place we stayed for almost a whole week! We were provided this room in exchange for my review. Opinions are my own.

We stayed at The Boathouse Motel in Marco Island, FLI’m using my affiliate links in this post.

We stayed at The Boathouse Motel, which isn’t exactly like the motels we’ve been to before. If you’ve stayed at typical motels you’ll see why below.

I was told that this building was built back in the 1960s to house construction workers who were in the area to build the Marriott Hotel. Eventually it was sold and turned into a motel. I consider it more like a miniature condo. I have some pictures to show you and then of course you can go to their website to see more!

We stayed in room number two.

The Boathouse Motel, Marco Island, FL

Our room had a kitchenette/dining area and across from the table was a bed (queen size, I believe) kind of tucked in a nook. That is where our boys slept.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. We had a mini-fridge, microwave and a GLORIOUS Keurig supplied with four K-cups of coffee. Since I’m the only coffee drinker in the house, I didn’t have to share. All mine!

See inside - where we stayed on Marco Island, FL

Also supplied for us were paper towels, some dish soap and regular household plates/bowls/mugs in the cupboard for our use. I think we had to buy our own utensils. We also picked up some breakfast items so we didn’t have to “eat out” for every meal.

Below is the dressing area that is part of the bathroom. What you can’t see is a walk in open closet to the left and to the right is the bathroom.

Inside The Boathouse Motel, Marco Island, FL

When you walked out of the dining area you walked right into a large room with a king sized bed, a couple night stands and a couple large chairs. There was no sofa so this is what we had for “hanging out” to watch tv.

See those “blind-type” folding doors to the left of the picture below? Open those up and you have a sliding glass door that opens up to a patio enclosure. We had a table and some chairs out there.

We had a spacious king sized bed at The Boathouse Motel.

So when you walked out our front door and turned to the left you come to a gate that leads to the pool and deck area. Just past that is the dock. My husband and boys enjoyed the pool a good bit. I preferred to hang out on the deck. What a beautiful place!

One of the cool things about this is location is that the dolphins and manatee swim past the dock coming in where the water is warmer (because the gulf waters are colder this time of year). We always managed to miss seeing the manatees, but we were fortunate to see the dolphins pass by on one or more occasions.

Enjoying a gorgeous sunset on the dock at The Boathouse Motel, Marco Island, Florida

I loved this location because it had such a quiet, private feel to it. Now, granted, it was November when we visited. I did hear that things pick up at other times. We visited shortly before Thanksgiving and we’re kept very busy. I’ll be sharing about the great places we visited in the upcoming posts. I hope you’ll stick around!

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Learn more about The Boathouse Motel at their website here.


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