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I think its fun to see what a blog’s most read posts for the year are and so I’m going to share mine too. If you blog, do you do this? I think it gives a blogger a good idea of what the core interest may be amongst his/her readers.  Some of my most visited posts for 2012 have been posts from other years! 


My Top 10 Posts for 2012


#10 – Paul Harvey’s “If I were the devil”

#9  –  Easy, Homemade Elephant Ears

#8  –   Jello Cake

#7  – How I reorganized my Homeschool Room with video. Note: my room has changed yet again 😉 .

#6 –  My Home Manager Binder

#5  – How I’m using this Border’s store floor stand to organize my homeschool room.

#4  – How to make Edible Earth Layers for Earth Science

#3  – 6 Steps to Starting a Laundry Business from Home

#2  – Free Printable Maps & History Timelines

#1  – Free Printable Forms for Organizing


This year I plan to get back to rounding up some helpful posts for those of you looking for work-at-home ideas and to continue sharing my cheap and free ways of homeschooling. I’m looking forward to sharing a couple guest posts I ‘ve received from others about working from home and saving money on food this year too. I don’t know about you, but this is where I’m at- figuring out how to live on frugal means.

I’ll also be talking about how I’m working at raising my kids in the way I see best and changing things for the better at home.


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